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Welcome Stranger

Minne Kersten kreeg een bijdrage voor haar project Welcome Stranger.


For Welcome Stranger, Minne Kersten installed an air conditioning unit on the facade of her house in Amsterdam Nieuw-West. The object is blowing smoke rings into the outdoor air. These are visible as circular puffs and seen traveling up to the sky, to eventually evaporate into thin air.⁠

The smoke rings are only briefly visible as they emerge out of the machine, before they evaporate and vanish. There might be an attempt to communicate, but it also talks about a kind of fleeting nature of an image. In order to slow down the viewer, the work hovers on the verge of ephemerality, disappearance or absence.⁠

Het werk is te zien tot 24 september 2022.

Portretfoto: Nichi Baratto

Documentatie-foto: Fabian Landewee

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